Our Story

Colorado Cookie Jar      Broomfield, CO      303.808.2352

"There is absolutely no substitute for the best. Good food cannot be made of inferior ingredients masked with high flavor. It is true thrift to use the best ingredients available and to waste nothing." - James Beard

Using old family recipes, I have been baking cookies and selling gourmet toffee for over 20 years.

As my family and my business grew, I needed to enlist friends and family to help with the candy making because having a 3 year-old, infant twins and trying to keep up with the toffee demand was a challenge.

Luckily after a few years, those same little kids became my greatest helpers and have become great bakers! Now, they are the drivers of our new adventure in the Colorado Cookie Jar and take great pride in making delicious gourmet treats and carrying on the beloved toffee and gourmet treat recipes.

Born out of our love of fine baking and delicious treats, Colorado Cookie Jar is the premier location to get or gift a fabulous treat!


Come and taste the experience for yourself.

Daryl, Tracy, Wesley, Anna & Brooklyn Warner